Fishing at our Western Montana Lodge

Fish - and fisherman - have been the topic at our Western Montana Lodge these days as the two seek to make multiple contacts - at least from the 'fishermen's' position. After a steady week of fly-fishermen testing the lakes and streams in the surrounding we've heard fish tales and fish stories by the dozen.

According to our fishermen friends, the fishing at Hidden Lake started with a bang, slowed during the middle of the week, but picked up toward week's end. These talented and 'serious' fly-fishermen enjoyed extremely good success as they tested new flies and flirted with the fish.

A few spent some time on Red Rock Creek - chasing Grayling and large Yellowstone Trout - with a measure of success. Grayling, one of the sport fish of fresh water fishing, used to inhabit the waters of Elk Lake. However, since the recent drought which held Southwestern Montana in its grip for several years, the population died off - unable to reproduce without their spawning streams. With the return of normal moisture conditions - and thus the return of their spawning streams - we continue to hope the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks will reintroduce this unique fish with its distinctive high fin.

Even with no Grayling in Elk Lake, our father / son fly-fishing group did spend many and evening on the lake, pursuing the West Slope and Yellowstone Cutthroat which thrive in its waters. And, with a measure of success too.

All-in-all, with good fishing, good fun, and good food, our group left happy and anxious to return next year. And, of course - they are such a fun and easy party to cater to - we are anxious to see them again.

Lady of the Lake

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