Evening On Golden Pond

Sometimes words fail to convey the sense, the essence, the power of a place. Photos must step in to show what we cannot say. A recent evening in the general vicinity of our local 'golden pond' (Widgeon Pond aka Widow's Pool) defied description. Hopefully the abundant photos in this post do a decent job of conveying the magic.

Breathtaking scenery will dominate this post. However a Bald Eagle adult and immature offered some wildlife photos opps.

The parent did NOT like us photographing its young. However, the youngster seemed almost curious about these two-legged beasts.

Of course our own young would LOVE to have joined the feathered kind. Sadly, he lacked the wings - but that didn't stop him from enjoying the evening with us.

A large thunderhead over Jefferson added drama. The old Hanson homestead looked significantly insignificant under this giant mushroom cloud!

The feeling continued even as daylight faded. As the crescent moon gained power, we snapped a few final images to remind us of our enchanted evening near our Golden Pond!

Lady of the Lake