Sometimes I think fall is the most beautiful season of the year. However, I think that as every season comes around. I guess it just proves how fickle I am - just like the weather this time of year.

Two days ago we were soaking up the sun in 70 degree weather. Today we're hanging out by the fireplace enjoying its warmth and taking care of those inside jobs to avoid the 30 degree weather outside. However, in spite of the chilly temperatures, the colors outside our windows still tug at us, teasing us to come out and enjoy Fall's last hoorah!

This week we learned about a movie-in-the-making here in the Centennial. Fortunately this is not one of those "Hollywood" movies. This, instead, is a celebration of the Centennial Valley's unique characteristics and a tribute to those who have helped to keep it that way.

Although an honorable project, this production doesn't have the big bucks which Big Production promoters seem to find surrounding their plans. However, with help from groups like The Nature Conservancy, other parties interested in protecting and preserving the Centennial, and maybe even YOU? - the rare beauty and pristine wildness of the Centennial will be documented for all to see and enjoy. For more information contact The Nature Conservancy.

Lady of the Lake


Summer Is Going, Going, Gone!

Wow! And they say time flies when you're having fun. Well, this summer must have been a LOT of fun because time seems to have passed at the speed of light. Wasn't it just yesterday we were headed into our summer season? Today I find myself nearing the end.

It has been a GREAT season. We've made lots of new friends, had great visits with some old ones, and look forward to many returns next year. But, fall is quickly approaching - the signs are all around.

The last three nights the mercury has dropped below freezing - one night well below. The trees are getting serious about putting on their fall foliage. The bushes on the hillsides are rushing to get dressed first. The birds are looking for warmer lodging, and life is taking that turn to the quieter days of winter.

I must admit, I'm ready. It has been a long (sometimes hard) summer. We were blessed with almost more business than we could handle. In fact, we've come to the conclusion even with our wonderful help from New Zealand, we were short staffed again this summer. So. . .next summer I suspect we'll be looking for three pairs of hands to help out instead of two.

However, as we look to enjoy a bit more down time - time enjoying this wonderful place we call home - I wish you all a wonderful fall and winter. And, if you're in the West Yellowstone / Island Park / Centennial Valley area - give us a call. We always enjoy a visit from our friends.

Lady of the Lake