Winter Snapshots - Part 2

Continuing with the theme I started last time, this blog is a collection of miscellaneous shots from our winter.

Winter weather tends to keep us a bit more 'lodge bound'. While I've heard folks speak of 'cabin fever' - in fact, I've had guests ask how I avoid it - I have never experienced such an ailment. Sure, there are times when I'd like to get outside, but the weather is not cooperating. However, the weather soon changes, and I'm good to go.

A plate full of winter projects probably has a lot to do with not minding a few less days out-of-doors. Each year holds something different. This year I've enjoyed putting together a few 'quilt' projects to add a little color and character to various spots in our decor. This elk panel is part of a project I've yet to complete.

This moose wall hanging is destined for the wall in our 'Moose' theme cabin. The pattern for this wall hanging and the appliques for the panel above came from a delightful quilting book which focuses on the outdoors - and specifically our 'local' wildlife. I've enjoyed it thoroughly!

Of course our guests keep our lives from getting stagnent. In the winter, most guests come for lunch. After a long break and with full bellies, they typically head back to the other side of the mountain for a warm shower and bed. However, each year has brought a few more adventurous souls who have chosen to spend part of their vacation in the best Montana backwoods get-away spot!

Guests and projects are the 'predictable' parts of winter. However, this winter brought a few other interesting events. A fox on the roof (covered in a recent post) and a dead cat in the yard added a bit of spice to our lives.

However, as usual, the weather is the most talked about and, perhaps, the most interesting aspect each winter. This winter has been no exception. Lots of snow and wind gave us icicles in the oddest places!

And - SNOW! My oh my the snow we've enjoyed this winter. Even as I write, the snow continues to reign supreme. While down the hill the ground is beginning to bare, I suspect it is going to take awhile for the wall of snow at our local post office to disappear.

It has been a winter to remember. They all are. Winters to treasure. Memories to store away. A special place. A special time. Wonderful adventures. We truly are blessed!

Lady of the Lake


Winter Snapshots - Part 1

Our winter season has drawn to a close for 2011. Not only did we enjoy a great snow year - we enjoyed the most productive winter in seven years! Thank you to all who came to visit. We enjoyed your company and appreciate your faithful patronage.

During the 'in-between' season, I often find it quite challenging to figure out 'what' to talk about. Not that I'm not busy - but usually I am busy with other projects - ones which seem less newsworthy. So I thought I'd use the next two posts to share a few snapshots of our lives at Elk Lake during the winter season.

As many of you know, the trip in and out of Elk Lake is a little more exciting in the summer than in the winter. Everything - and I do mean everything comes in via snowmobile. This means the food we serve, the clothes we wear, the paper products and laundry soap and even the DOGS! (much to Bo's chagrin)

While many of you know that is how we travel in the winter, few of you have seen the process. Thus I thought you might enjoy seeing how its done.

While this converted ATV trailer receives the most use during the winter - hauling in all the food and supplies we need to keep everyone well fed and comfortable in the winter - when it comes to our trips in and out, this trailer goes to the dogs!

Yep, the dogs get chauffered in and out. You'd think they'd consider themselves privileged. However, Bo absolutely HATES the experience. You'd think he was looking down the barrel of a gun. His face is that expressive of his dislike.

Everything else - from the food we're bringing in to all our personal gear, takes a ride in the passenger hauler. As you can see, we've learned to fill every crook and cranny - and then some! Thankfully both of these trailers are extremely stable and ride over the snow with ease. Thus our journey is much easier now than in year's past.

Once we're into the lodge, we settle in to enjoy the winter.

Some years its windy. Some years its snowy. Some years its sunny. Some years it's a combination - but it always seems one element predominates. This winter, however, has definitely been the winter of the snow and blow. Wind. Snow. Wind. Snow. Sunshine. Snow. Wind. Sunshine. So the winter passed. As you can see in the photo above, the picnic table by cabin 4 was well exposed in late December.

However, by the first of March, even though the snow is now packed, the picnic table is almost lost in the drift. What GREAT snow we have enjoyed.

In the end this winter resulted in a lot of snow - quite frankly, it is still sharing its bounty with us. The snow marker down near Ashton Hill has reached nearly six feet! And while the snow at the lodge did not reach such depths, we still ended up walking 'down' a few feet to get into the lodge. While we know all this 'white stuff' makes some people grimace and others thank their lucky stars they live somewhere else - well, quite frankly, we feel extremely blessed to live in what we consider 'God's country' any time of the year!

Lady of the Lake